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Fin+AI Thought Leaders

Redefining Financial Intelligence

Step into a future where algorithms mint money, machines manage portfolios, and AI whispers secrets in the ears of Wall Street.  At Fin+AI 2024 you'll meet the visionaries and innovators of finance, rewriting the very rules of the game.


Meet Our Fin+AI 2024 Presenters

Forget stale suits and tired formulas - these are the pioneers, the rebels, the minds sculpting the future of finance, pixel by pixel, byte by byte. Welcome to the revolution, where intelligence wears a silicon crown, and the only constant - is change.

Call For Papers

Calling All Visionaries!

Submit Your Proposals For Fin+AI 2024

Connect with a vibrant community of industry leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, and academics shaping the future of finance.

We're seeking proposals for:

  • Keynote Presentations

  • Interviews & Panel Sessions

  • Workshops & Demos

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