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Philippe Trounev, CEO,

Philippe Trounev

Philippe Trounev is the visionary founder of Docsie. Before launching Docsie in 2020, Philippe had an illustrious career as a program director overseeing high-profile telecommunications and banking projects.


His deep industry knowledge and leadership skills have been instrumental in shaping Docsie’s innovative approach to enterprise knowledge management, driving its success in the fintech, manufacturing, and govtech sectors.

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About Docsie

Docsie is at the forefront of enterprise knowledge management with its advanced Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)-driven platform. Established in 2020 and headquartered in the US with additional offices in Canada and the Middle East, Docsie is revolutionizing how organizations publish, manage, and securely share documentation and information.


The platform excels in detecting harmful content across audio, video, text, and images, ensuring compliance and enhancing security across all media forms. Serving major enterprises in the fintech, manufacturing, and govtech sectors, Docsie's AGI capabilities and development of augmented reality features are setting new standards for efficient, secure, and dynamic information management.


This positions Docsie as an indispensable partner for businesses and investors dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge technology for comprehensive documentation and information handling.


I'm always looking for new people, and exciting opportunities in the Fintech and AI landscape. LOGO.png
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