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Sohail Farooq

Throughout his 25 year career, in positions with management responsibility and also as a consultant, Sohail has worked at the forefront of developing analytical solutions.


Sohail specializes in the development and testing of financial, enterprise and model risk management solutions. He also assists clients with the implementation of cutting-edge AI algorithms and workflows, pivotal in streamlining and automating risk reporting.


Sohail is also a data analytics activist, striving for equal access to analytics for small-to-medium sized financial institutions globally. His work embodies that mission.

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About BankingBook Analytics

Backed by cutting edge Machine Learning models & extensive data insights, BBA provides Financial, Enterprise and Model Risk Management SaaS for financial services organizations globally. BBA is a data FinTech that licenses end-to-end, cloud-native solutions designed for Finance, Risk and Treasury functions with the following UVPs:

1. Analytics - BAU and customized Dodd Frank stress tests, explaining plausible volatility - Parallel and non-parallel yield curve stress tests - Visualization of the impact of risks on P&L, balance sheet, and equity Measurement of lifetime risk-adjusted return for each loan and portfolio in the loan book

2. Delivery - Monthly subscription licensing - One-time free model run - Zero implementation fee for 5 year+ contracts - Containerized approach backed by micro-services architecture - Machine Learning algorithm - production based on best practices and quality guidelines

3. Regulatory Compliance - Developed to meet local regulatory compliance - accreditation assistance - Open-banking regulation-compliant solution - No black box, transparent risk models


I'm always looking for new people, and exciting opportunities in the Fintech and AI landscape.

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