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Noah Healy

My inspiration came from my formal education, work experience and the breakthrough innovations developed by Alan Turing (Frege and Church before him).


Turing imagined machines with amazing computational power and ultimately brought them to life. His innovations tipped the scales of WWII and set the stage for the information revolution – of which I am an active part.

Early in my career, I used computational mathematics and software development capabilities to develop automations that boosted internal productivity, drove client efficiencies and improved regulatory compliance.

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About Coordisc

The Coordinated Discovery Market (CDM), with our patent-pending approach, is a better exchange market for commodities.


Conduct all trades at market-clearing prices with radically improved price discovery, lower total cost of transactions, and effectively suspending the need to hedge.

Competition is confined within participant groups, so speculators compete to provide better forecasts, producers compete to produce more plentiful (and cheaper) goods, consumers compete to use more plentiful (and more expensive) goods.

This enhanced exchange market maintains its foundation through transparency and maintaining trustworthiness through its computer-run algorithms.


I'm always looking for new people, and exciting opportunities in the Fintech and AI landscape.

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