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Malur Narayan

With over three decades of experience in the technology sector, Malur is a versatile leader who combines knowledge of AI/ML, 5G, mobile networks, and IT services with strategic vision and strong customer focus to solve business problems.


Malur has a passion for building technology solutions for social impact, especially in the areas of equity, mental health, and sustainability.

Throughout his career, he has held a wide variety of senior roles in global business development, product development, engineering, product management, sales leadership, partnerships, and alliances at TCS, Nortel, Bell, and Tata Group. He has also successfully launched and scaled new products and services across the globe.

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About Latimer AI

This is Latimer, a large language model trained with diverse histories & inclusive voices. Deep Inclusion: In an era where chatbots often echo singular perspectives, Latimer champions a chorus of diverse histories and voices.

Empathetic Engagement: We've shifted from one-size-fits-all to one-for-all. Experience a chatbot that truly understands and resonates. Transparent Learning: Know how Latimer's knowledge evolves. No black boxes. No biases. Just transparent algorithms shaped by vast, inclusive inputs. Familiar Interfacing: Engage with Latimer as you would with any chatbot you know – it's intuitive, user-friendly, and seamlessly integrates into your systems.

Built to more accurately reflect the experience, culture and history of Black and brown people. Latimer is for everyone. Get one of the most powerful AI models trained to interact with diverse users. For students Latimer is the “official” choice of several colleges & universities because of the depth of historical content and mitigated bias. For business: Brands, agencies, and other businesses marketing to diverse clientele. Use Latimer to create messages that resonate with authenticity.


This is Latimer, a large language model trained with diverse histories & inclusive voice.

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