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Hero Image - Fin+AI 2024 Conference and Exhibition will be held at Le Meridien, Dania Beac

Fin+AI 2024 

Redefining Financial Intelligence

October 2-4, 2024
Le Méridien, Dania Beach, FL

Fin+AI 2024 Conference

Redefining Financial Intelligence
October 2-4, 2024
Le Méridien

Welcome to Fin+AI, the premier event uniting the domains of Fintech and Artificial Intelligence. At Fin+AI, you'll discover groundbreaking insights and forge invaluable connections.


Fin+AI is where the future of finance and technology converges. You'll engage with world-class experts, gain access to cutting-edge research and witness firsthand the transformative power of AI.


Fin+AI Conference is an unparalleled opportunity to stay ahead of industry trends and network with like-minded professionals who are redefining financial intelligence.


Whether you're a seasoned banker, early-stage startup, investor, or AI researcher, Fin+AI provides a platform to explore the many possibilities at the intersection of these two disruptive forces.

Fin+AI 2024 Conference
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Calling All Visionaries! Submit Your Proposals for the Fin+AI 2024 Conference.

The future of finance is being powered by two unstoppable forces: Financial Technology and Artificial Intelligence. Are you a pioneer, thought leader, or innovator reshaping the landscape of this disruptive and innovative industry?


We invite you to be a part of the conversation at the Fin+AI 2024 Conference.

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Fin+AI Conference


Days of







Five High-Level Tracks

  • Enhanced Risk Management and Fraud Prevention

Explore how AI is empowering financial institutions to combat fraud and optimize risk management like never before.

  • Democratizing Financial Services With AI
 Break down the walls of traditional financial systems, showcasing how AI-powered tools are empowering billions who are left behind.
  • Utilizing AI-Driven Hyper-Personalization
Understand how AI-powered algorithms are now crafting bespoke financial plans, investment strategies, and smart budgeting tools.
  • Frictionless and Secure Transactions
Dive headfirst into this electrifying track where AI isn't just a buzzword, it's the rocket fuel skyrocketing the entire financial services industry.
  • Automated and Intelligent Investing
We're talking algorithms that decode market data like Thanos snapping his fingers, identifying patterns human brokers couldn’t even dream of divining.

Partnership Opportunities

Fin+AI 2024 Conference offers a unique opportunity to connect with a unique, niche audience that is focused on the convergence of Fintech and AI.

Your vision aligns with ours, Fin+AI offers individual levels as distinct stepping stones. Partnership provides prominence, and the opportunity to etch your brand on the future of tomorrow.

Fin+AI 2024 Conference
Partnership Opportunities

We provide selection of tailored partnerships, plus presentation and exhibition opportunities.
Fin+AI 2024 is where innovation meets collaboration

Lead Fintech into the AI age
Conference Mingling

Event Venue & Accommodations

Le Méridien Dania Beach, Florida

The conference host hotel is providing a discounted group room rate for all attendees of the Fin+AI 2024 Conference.

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