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Fin+AI Redefines Financial Intelligence with First Wave of Visionary Speakers

With its theme, "Redefining Financial Intelligence” the Fin+AI 2024 Conference is set to take place October 2 – 4, 2024 at Le Méridien, in Dania Beach, Florida

Fin+AI Redefines Financial Intelligence with First Wave of Visionary Speakers

TAMPA, FL | April 26, 2024 :: In his annual shareholder’s letter, JPMorgan Chase CEO, Jamie Dimon chose AI as the first topic on his shortlist of issues facing the world’s biggest bank, putting it before all other topics of discussion in his annual report.

“While we do not know the full effect, or the precise rate at which AI will change our business, or how it will affect society at large, we are completely convinced the consequences will be extraordinary,” Mr. Dimon said. AI’s impact will be “possibly as transformational as some of the major technological inventions of the past several hundred years: Think the printing press, the steam engine, electricity, computing, and the Internet.” 

With this edict in mind, the Fin+AI is proud to announce its first round of visionary speakers, and event partners for the upcoming Fin+AI 2024 Conference. The future is colliding with the present, at this groundbreaking new event, which is focused on the convergence of Fintech and AI.


With the theme, “Redefining Financial Intelligence” the conference is scheduled to take place October 2 – 4, 2024 at Le Méridien, in Dania Beach, Florida. 

Attendees should prepare to realize powerful new insights, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and forge new connections that will place you ahead of the curve. You can be where the brightest minds in Fintech and AI are establishing the future of financial innovation. 

Experience a deep dive with these five separate high-level tracks:

• Next Generation Enhanced Risk Management, and Fraud Prevention
• Breaking Down Barriers, Democratizing Financial Services with AI
• Revolutionizing Financial Services with AI-Driven, Hyper-Personalization
• The Next Era of Fintech: Frictionless, Secure, and Smart Transactions
• Automated, Intelligent Investing - Next Frontier in Wealth Management

This isn't an ordinary conference, Fin+AI 2024 is a launchpad for the next-generation of financial intelligence. Those attending will participate in high-level networking with industry titans, visionary researchers, and ingenious new startups. The event promises high-octane networking, the chance to witness groundbreaking presentations, and emerge equipped with knowledge and connections to dominate this new frontier.

The Future Speaks at Fin+AI 2024

Delegates are readying themselves to be electrified by the first round of our incredible speakers. Fin+AI is thrilled to unveil the first wave of their powerhouse lineup for 2024. Starting with the two keynote presentation speakers for the conference event:

Chris Skinner, The Finanser: This industry rockstar will dissect the future of financial services through the disruptive lens of Intelligent Money his new book, which shares the future, when your money thinks for you. Prepare to have your assumptions shattered in this wild look into the future of currency in the world.

Paolo Sironi, Global Head of Research, Banking and Financial Markets, IBM IBV. Dive into the heart of AI with a thought leader, who will illuminate the practical applications of GenAI that are poised to revolutionize the financial landscape. His new book, Banks and Fintech on Platform Economies will alter your perspective.

And, that’s just the beginning, Fin+AI 2024 Conference is building a stellar lineup of thought leaders, and rising stars from across the globe. Presenters for the October event includes these executives, experts and entrepreneurs:

• Dilip Krishnan, Director APAC, Senior Managing Consultant, MasterCard
• Dr. Muddu Sudhakar, Co-Founder, and CEO, Aisera
• John Owens, Senior Digital Financial Services Advisor, Emerging Markets
• Angel Lorente, Founder and CEO, FinTech Connector Community
• Francesco Marconi, Co-Founder and CEO, AppliedXL
• Daphne Pariser, Co-Founder and CEO, HeronAI
• Frank Lazaro, Senior Vice President, Marketing, The Piedmont Bank
• Marco Santos, Chief Executive Officer Americas, GFT Technologies
• Brennan Lodge, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Skidaway
• Marcia Klingensmith, Founder and CEO, FinTech Consulting
• Vikas Sharma, Senior Vice President, Banking Analytics, EXL
• Sohail Farooq, Chief Executive Officer, BankingBooks Analytics
• Evan Thacker, Founder and CEO, The Marketer’s Genius, and BEAQ
• Nishitha Kambalapally, Vice President, JPMorgan Chase
• Philippe Trounev, Co-Founder, and CEO,
• Malur Narayan, Chief Technical Officer, Latimer.AI
• Hunter Menton, Chief Executive Officer, TheGrowthLab.AI
• Alex Fedosov, Chief Technical Officer, FoundAItion, Inc.
• Joseariel Gomez, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Shastic
• Noah Healy, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Coordisc
• Ryan Cloutier, CISO and Chief Visionary, Synaptech Services

Fin+AI 2024 is just getting started! Fin+AI is adding new speakers, partners, and event fin-fluencers everyday. The event is announcing even more exciting details about activities taking place during the 2024 Conference. Fin+AI 2024 is partnering with FinTech Connector, the premier platform for fostering collaboration between financial institutions and cutting-edge fintechs. Fin+AI and FinTech Connector are planning a post-event sunset dinner cruise on the evening of October 4th. 

FinTech Connector has previously organized networking cruise events in Lake Zurich, Switzerland, the Stockholm Archipelago, and New York Harbor. “Now we will celebrate, and toast the intersection of Fintech and AI in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the Venice of the Americas,” said Angel Lorente, Founder, and CEO of FinTech Connector.

Don't miss this chance to be part of the revolution! Space is limited, secure your spot at Fin+AI 2024, and join this incredible revolution. Visit the website for event registration, and stay tuned for upcoming announcements.


Fin+AI 2024 is Redefining Financial Intelligence, register today at

About Fin+AI Conference:

Fin+AI 2024 was organized to promote the development and adoption of Fintech and AI solutions for the benefit of the financial services industry, and for the sake of humanity as a whole. Fin+AI 2024 organizes events, and helps develop publications, research, education, and advocacy activities to foster collaboration among all industry stakeholders.


We believe that a rising tide raises all the ships. Join us in our quest!

Fin+AI 2024 is supported by a network of partners, supporters, and members from various business segments and regions. Register for Fin+AI 2024 Conference by visiting our event website:

For more information, high-resolution logos, and interview requests, please contact:

Fin+AI 2024 Media Team 
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