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Fin+AI 2024 Announces Second Wave of Visionary Speakers


Fin+AI 2024, the premier conference uniting the domains of Financial Technology and Artificial Intelligence, today announced the second wave of visionary speakers who will be presenting at the upcoming event. This groundbreaking new show, taking place October 2-4, 2024 at Le Méridien in Dania Beach, Florida, will focus on the transformation of banking and financial services - driven by the convergence of Fintech and AI.

“The caliber of speakers we’re announcing today further strengthens our already impressive lineup for the Fin+AI 2024 Conference,” said Bruce Burke, Executive Producer. “The positive response to this fresh approach in the financial industry conference space is energizing. Attendees are seeking new insights, and will be inspired by the innovation happening at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Fintech.”

The second wave of Fin+AI 2024 speakers include thought leaders, technology practitioners, industry experts, entrepreneurs, and trailblazers shaping the future of finance. Organizations represented include OneVest, Citi, Wand.AI, Detection Group, JetBuy, JPMorgan Chase, Sourcetoad, PayPal, Jen AI, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, VISA, Canadian Consulate of Miami,, PSP Angels, Schellman, Logictry, Amount, QuantSpark, and more:

  • Gagandeep Dua, Vice President, JPMorgan Chase & Company 

  • Ravi Prasad, Product Head, Global Data & AI Services, Visa

  • Dr. Promiti Dutta, Head of Analytics Technology & Innovation, Citi

  • Nick Holland, Founder, Clash Advisory 

  • Phillippe Chambadal, President, Wand.AI

  • Jennifer Borchardt, Founder and CXO, Jen AI

  • Majiuzu Daniel Moses, Founder, The Mo Centre 

  • Gregg Hilferding, VP Organizational Development, Sourcetoad

  • Amar Ahluwalia, CEO and Co-Founder, OneVest

  • George Ball, Commercial Executive, QuantSpark

  • Kent Blackwell, Director, Penetration Testing, Schellman

  • Steven Ramirez, Chief Executive Officer, Beyond the Arc

  • Dr. Denise Turley, VP of Corporate Systems, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

  • Jeffrey Rivero, Co-Founder and CEO, Detection Group

  • Vinay Kumar Sangarapu, Co-Founder and CEO, Arya.AI

  • Jasmin Sethi, Thought Leader, Financial and Business Consultant

  • Danny Manimbo, Principal ISO Director, AI Assessment Leader, Schellman

  • Ryan Holmes, Chairman, CEO and Founder, JetBuy

  • Viktoria Soltesz, Founder and CEO, PSP Angels

  • Harsh Daiya, Software Engineer, Risk Platform, PayPal

  • Bob Shami, Founder and CEO, Innov-8 Tech

  • Justin Davis, Vice President, UX, Sourcetoad

  • Garrett Laird, Director of Decision Science, Amount

  • Sarah Baldeo, CEO, IQ Quotient Advisory Group

  • Chris Fronda, Co-Founder and Chief Logic Officer, Logictry

  • Ryan Waddington, Chief Financial Officer, Detection Group

  • Matthew Waldron, Trade Commissioner, Canadian Consulate of Miami

  • Ramesh Lekshmynarayanan, Managing Director, Green Catapult, Inc.

The five high-level track topics being addressed during the proceedings includes; Enhanced Risk Management and Fraud Prevention, Democratizing Financial Services with AI, and Revolutionizing Financial Services Using AI-Driven Hyper-Personalization. In addition to these key topics, the 2024 Conference will also feature dedicated tracks focused on Frictionless and Secure Transactions, and Automated, and Intelligent Investing, the Next Wave of Wealth Management.

Fin+AI 2024 Conference: Day One Activities

The opening day of Fin+AI 2024 offers attendees a chance to delve into the future of finance on both a personal and industry-wide level. As exhibitor’s setup, delegates are welcome to join any of the workshops.  Fin+AI has some remaining workshop opportunities. 

One of the featured workshops will leverage the Logictry AI platform to provide attendees with an AI IQ Assessment. This assessment will create a personalized learning path, ensuring attendees can optimize their knowledge about Artificial Intelligence. Many executives know AI is important, but lack the foundational knowledge to implement it effectively. Empower yourself and your team with the knowledge to leverage AI for transformative results. Join consultant Hunter Menton from TheGrowthLab, and Logictry’s Co-Founder, and Chief Logic Officer, Chris Fronda, on Wednesday, October 2nd in the Aqua Vista Ballrooms.

This AI IQ Assessment Workshop Bridges the Knowledge Gap:

  • Assess your current AI knowledge and understanding of the technology.

  • Receive a personalized learning path based on your needs and goals. 

  • Gain a strong grasp of core AI concepts before the conference begins. 

In a separate session, another high-level workshop deep-dives into the world of faster payments. Money, The Gathering: The Game of Instant Payments will be led by industry experts Marcia Klingensmith, the Instant Payments Maven, and Jennifer Borchardt, CXO of JenAI Consulting. Immerse yourself in the world of instant payments through an exciting role-playing game where you'll experience “a day in the life” of key players in the instant payments’ ecosystem.

This One-of-a-Kind Experience Will Help You:


  • Make strategic decisions about instant payments with confidence and understand the benefits and challenges from multiple perspectives including FI’s, fintechs, businesses, and consumers.

  • See firsthand how instant payments are transforming businesses, discover real-world applications across industries, and get inspired for your own organization.

  • Develop a vision for how instant payments can drive your organization's growth and identify opportunities to leverage technology for operational efficiency, cost reduction, enhanced customer experiences, and new revenue streams.

  • Create a concrete plan to implement and scale instant payments in your organization.

Fin+AI 2024 officially kicks off Wednesday October 2nd, in South Florida with a Welcome Reception for all attendees. This opening night event, takes place from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. The Le Méridien Hotel, Dania Beach, provides a casual atmosphere to connect with industry leaders and fellow attendees. Mingle poolside on the veranda, or enjoy the comfortable indoor venue - Le Méridien offers luxurious amenities perfect for an evening of networking. As the sun sets, share ideas and forge new relationships at the intersection of the Fintech and AI. Guests will enjoy delicious cocktails and hors d'oeuvres while setting the stage for a dynamic and informative conference. All delegates, exhibitors, media, and speakers are welcome.

About Fin+AI 2024 Conference & Exhibition

Fin+AI 2024 is a groundbreaking event focused on the transformative power of artificial intelligence integrated with financial technology. This conference brings together leaders, innovators, and visionaries to explore the future of finance. Be a part of the revolution, join us as we come together, and redefine financial intelligence.

Fin+AI 2024 Featured Media

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