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Ryan Holmes

Ryan Holmes is the Chairman, CEO and Founder of JetBuy. A ten year executive with deep experience building teams that pioneer ground breaking products.


Drawing on his experience with software engineering he has founded several companies including Sphr (Sphere), a software and design agency; Tampa Hackerspace, a 25,000 square feet facility for anyone to learn on the most advanced machines of our time; and UpValet, a software tool to bring the Apple buying experience to Car Dealerships.


A globally seasoned speaker, Ryan has spoke in almost every major city of the world: Paris, Beijing, Vienna, Shanghai, San Francisco, Houston, Mexico City, San Jose, Seattle and many more. Featured on CNN and China’s CCT, Ryan  has been written about in Forbes, USA Today, Wired, Fast Company, Motherboard, CNN, The Verge, Mashable, The Epoch Times, TechCrunch,, and many more.

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About JetBuy

Introducing JetBuy, the trailblazer in single-command ordering via voice. JetBuy transforms meal ordering into the fastest, simplest experience available. With our state-of-the-art technology, users can effortlessly place orders for their favorite meals with just one voice command.


Our advanced voice recognition system ensures precision and ease of use, streamlining the entire ordering process. No more tedious browsing or complicated checkouts—JetBuy makes ordering food as easy as speaking. Welcome to the future of dining convenience and speed with JetBuy.


Enjoy your favorite meals smarter, faster, and simpler with just your voice.


One command. Order placed.

The fastest and smoothest way to buy your favorite meals - JetBuy

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