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Ramesh Lekshmynarayanan

Ramesh is Founder and Managing Director at Green Catapult, specializing in strategies for digital and business transformation. He focuses on innovation, helping clients achieve outstanding digital experiences and building capabilities that lead to significant outcomes through technology, data, AI, and ESG/sustainability.


Ramesh has led many digital transformation initiatives with global firms and established impactful practices throughout his career. In his prior roles, Ramesh was VP of Digital & Business Transformation Advisory, leading consulting teams across industries, Managing Principal at Accenture, CTO for UBS Wealth Management, Chief Architect at JPMC/Washington Mutual and VP of Technology Architecture at Merrill Lynch. He has also advised social impact PE firms, and incubated several startups in Fintech, Analytics and CyberSec.

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About Green Catapult

Green Catapult is a boutique business and technology advisory dedicated to digital transformation, sustainability and innovation. We advise C-level executives on strategic and technology decisions to drive digital transformation for innovation and growth. 


Turbulent markets, disruptive digital technologies, cybersecurity issues and business uncertainties can create new challenges. Our clients come to us for insights and answers to strategic, operational and tactical questions and we help them understand and overcome barriers to digital transformation and innovation.


We're always looking for new people, and exciting opportunities in the Fintech and AI landscape.

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