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Lola Longe

Lola Longe is an avid learner who loves exploring new things! She is an AI Product Manager and the Founder of "Trust AI Chain," a platform where she writes about the fusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain Technology.

Through Trust AI Chain, Lola also acts as an AI consultant, providing knowledge and guidance on implementing AI into businesses. Lola obtained her bachelor's degree in Economics from Ondo State University in Nigeria and a master's degree in Global Business with Blockchain Technology from the University of the Cumberlands, KY.

She is currently a PhD Candidate in Information Technology with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence at the same institution. In addition to her work in AI and Blockchain, Lola holds a Texas real estate license as a realtor, where she leverages AI algorithms and data analytics for market analysis, property valuation, customer insights, and personalization.

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About Trust AI Chain

TrustAIChain is a cutting-edge consultancy and educational platform dedicated to the fusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain Technology. It was founded by Lola Longe, a seasoned AI Product Manager and an AI Doctoral Candidate specializing in Blockchain applications.


TrustAIChain aims to assist with integrating these transformative technologies to create innovative solutions for various industries. Mission Our mission is to empower businesses and individuals by providing expert guidance and solutions leveraging AI and Blockchain's combined power.


We strive to foster a deeper understanding and practical application of these technologies to drive efficiency, security, and innovation. Vision TrustAIChain envisions a future where AI and Blockchain are seamlessly integrated into everyday business practices, enhancing data security, transparency, and operational efficiency.


Core Values • Innovation: Continuously exploring and developing new ways to leverage AI and Blockchain for solving real-world problems. • Integrity: Maintaining the highest standards of honesty and transparency in all our dealings. • Client-Centric: Focusing on understanding and meeting each client's unique needs to ensure their success. • Excellence: Striving for excellence in everything we do, from consulting services to educational offerings.


I'm always looking for new people, and exciting opportunities in the Fintech and AI landscape.

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