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Garrett Laird

Garrett entered the fintech space over 7 years ago with a focus on fraud detection at account origination. He has developed and deployed machine learning fraud and credit models, and continues to focus on risk and AI in his current role as Director of Product Management at Amount.


Garrett is responsible for the ongoing development of Amount’s decision engine, which supports everything from eligibility, credit, and pricing calculations to fraud detection and the orchestration of mitigation tasks for identity, income, and other verification tasks. Garrett holds a BA in Mathematics and Economics from The University of Chicago.

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About Amount

Lending executives choose Amount to drive profitability and achieve a Performance Advantage for high-velocity account origination for consumer and SMB loans.


With battle-tested lending intelligence baked into the software, powerful cognitive decisioning for credit, fraud, and compliance, and adaptive customer journeys, only Amount enables lenders to grow with confidence and delight customers every step of the way.


We're always looking for new people, and exciting opportunities in the Fintech and AI landscape.

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