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Frank Lazaro stands out as a pioneering leader, merging over two decades of marketing, technology, and strategy expertise with AI-driven content creation methods. His career highlights include impactful roles at Deloitte, AT&T, and First Data (now Fiserv), and now at The Piedmont Bank, underlining his deep industry knowledge and commitment to tech innovation. 

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At the Piedmont Bank, we operate differently than big banks. We get to know our customers personally, and that gives us valuable insight into their unique needs. Because we believe banking is about more than just the services we offer — it is the way in which we offer them. The only way we can get our customers to where they are going is if we know where they are coming from.

We offer tailored banking services informed by the personal connections we create with our clients in order to help them grow and thrive.

About The Piedmont Bank

What We Do: With experienced bankers at full-service locations throughout Metro Atlanta and North Georgia, The Piedmont Bank helps to build stronger businesses in order to make stronger communities.

How We Do It: We believe managing the financials of any business should be handled by those who know the people behind it. That’s why we take the time to build personal connections with our customers and provide the tailored services they need.

Our CommitmentWhat do we do for customers? We tailor our banking services with a dependable, personal touch and anticipate the changing needs of our customers. We provide guidance on both connections and capital to make businesses stronger.

Our Advantage: What sets us apart? Our relational approach and commitment to our communities encourages our team to build long- lasting partnerships. Banking wisdom is our second nature, and that expertise empowers our customers and helps us position them for success.

For more information on The Piedmont Bank visit:

AEC Marketer's Guide to AI

AEC Marketer’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence: How to use Generative AI to Improve Your Marketing, Proposals, and Sales Efforts

Explore the evolving role of AI in the AEC industry with this guide, teaching professionals how to leverage generative AI for enhanced marketing, proposals, and sales, while navigating industry-specific challenges.


Learn how AI can revamp traditional practices and provide a competitive edge in the digital era. With guidance from the author, Frank Lazaro.

AEC Marketers Guide to Artificial Intelligence.jpg
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