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Chris Fronda

Chris Fronda is a former Enterprise Product Manager, 4X startup founder, and 15+ year full stack software architect with experience building web apps, native mobile apps, blockchain dapps, scalable cloud architectures, expert systems, and custom large language models.


Chris Fronda is a proven expert in technology and innovation having worked with clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 10 companies and helps organizations systematize and scale their business leveraging the latest technological advancements.


Chris Fronda is also a passionate teacher and mentor who cares deeply about making complex topics simple and easy for others to understand.

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About Logictry

Logictry is helping experts help the world!


Logictry partners with top experts and consultants to productize their expertise as well as leverage the latest advancements to solve business problems.


Logictry helps organizations systematize and scale institutional knowledge & wisdom (expertise) leveraging the latest technological advancements such as LLMs, Expert Systems, Chatbots, and more.


We're always looking for new people, and exciting opportunities in the Fintech and AI landscape.

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