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Angel is the Founder and CEO of FinTech Connector, a globally acclaimed member platform spanning over 120 countries. His visionary leadership propels this platform, uniting experts, investors, financial institutions, and entrepreneurs to cultivate fintech innovation.


Before FinTech Connector, Angel was an Executive Director at Morgan Stanley, leading multifaceted CFO teams covering trading businesses, risk management, and treasury functions. 

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Invitation to Join FinTech Connector

I personally invite you to join me, and over 4,600 members connecting, collaborating, and creating fintech innovation for global impact.

FinTech Connector, an online and in-person community member platform that brings together financial services executives, business and investment experts, and fintech entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, and create financial services innovation for impact. 

FinTech Connector aims to bring trust and transparency to the fintech industry by helping financial services organizations find and partner with vetted fintech companies to implement innovative solutions that will future-proof their businesses. 

How we connect the fintech world

Community: An exclusive global community driven by a common purpose to innovate financial services

Connection: A member platform to connect executives, experts, and investors with fintech entrepreneurs

Collaboration: A marketplace for expertise and technology resources to collaborate on fintech innovation with members

Creation: A member crowdfunding platform to find, fund, and create the next generation of fintech solutions

Who is joining FinTech Connector?

  • Executives looking to up-skill, mentor, or find new career opportunities in fintech.

  • Experts looking to help fintech companies with business services or capital to grow.

  • Entrepreneurs looking for employees, experts, or investors to innovate financial services.

Connecting Experts With Enterprenuers

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I'm always looking for new people, and exciting opportunities in the Fintech and AI landscape.

+1 (917) 439-4251

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