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Alex Fedosov

Alex is an accomplished, technically sophisticated professional with deep expertise in the design and development of a variety of web, security, AI and multi-tiered Big Data applications.


He pioneered AETD, Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection technology, transforming the security landscape. Known for possessing extensive knowledge in all phases of SDLC, software design, development, administration and testing.


Alex conducts advanced research in artificial intelligence, utilizing Nvidia CUDA and SIMD architecture to push the boundaries of machine learning and natural language processing. Focuses on the innovative development of Natural Neural Networks to set the stage for future technological breakthroughs. 

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About FoundAItion 

Our mission is to empower organizations to maximize business insights and productivity by securely integrating proprietary data sources with the power of large language models. We enable companies to build customized conversational interfaces that allow employees quick, seamless access to internal data through intelligent virtual assistants.

By developing chatbots tailored to each client’s unique needs and data assets, we help uncover strategic opportunities and automate workflows. Our focus on data privacy, security, and ethical AI practices ensures responsible data usage. Additionally, we aim to educate businesses on integrating AI to serve clearly defined objectives focused on augmenting human capabilities.

Our goal is to guide companies into an AI-enabled future where proprietary information and AI work together efficiently, safely, and transparently.


I'm always looking for new people, and exciting opportunities in the Fintech and AI landscape.

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