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Dr. Agustín Rosa Marín

Dr. Agustín Rosa Marín, father, husband, and passionate learner. He is an entrepreneur and personal and business growth expert with two decades of international experience.


Passionate about AI, Personal Finances, and Public Speaking he has trained over 42,500 entrepreneurs and executives across 21 countries.


A best-selling author of four books and host of the 100xpreneur podcast. He inspires success through impactful initiatives.

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About Mi Coach

Mi Coach is a dynamic startup dedicated to empowering individuals to overcome daily challenges, enhance their businesses, and improve their finances through education, coaching, and podcasts.


As an AI-powered educational platform, we offer personalized learning paths that adapt to each user's unique needs and progress. Over the past five years, we have leveraged our combined 21 years of professional experience in Europe and LATAM to develop and refine our solutions. Our goal is to create impactful, scalable learning experiences that drive success and innovation for entrepreneurs worldwide. 




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